Atkins Diet Side Effects


Atkins diet side effects can have uncomfortable negative effects. To begin with, burning fat brings about the production of chemicals known as ketones as the body goes into a state known as ketosis. It will bring about foul breath, fatigue, lack of strength, lightheadedness, sleeplessness and queasiness. Constipation might also take place as a result of bypassing normally high-fiber food items including fresh fruit, vegetables, legumes, whole wheat pasta, brown rice, whole grain cereals as well as potatoes.

With regards to long-term negative effects, numerous medical experts have concerns of the fact that the Atkins Diet could have severe risks. As the higher consumption of fats, especially saturates, could raise the chance of heart disease, there’s also issues that this out of balance character of the Atkins diet can result in dietary deficiencies, that trigger health issues in the future. For instance, inadequate consumption of bone-building calcium (presentin dairy foods) could raise the chance of brittle bones, though inadequate consumption of antioxidant nourishment (present in vegetables and fruit) have already been associated with a number of health issues which range from heart condition and cancers to early aging and cataracts. Several specialists are concerned that excessive consumption of protein might result in renal system issues or damaged bones.


One more Atkins diet side effect is often a reduced urge for food. For many individuals it is really a benefit. The reduced craving for food is produced by the diet on its own. Typically the high-protein components with lean meats and poultry function entirely on decreasing the hunger. The high-protein diet fulfills those on a diet, it provides them with vitality and will keep the tummy satisfied for an extended length of time compared to eating a high- carb meal. It is important, regardless of whether you are hungry or not, to have the advised quantities of food every day. Or else, the body isn’t receiving the nourishment it requires.


Irregularity is a very common Atkins diet side effect since you also aren’t taking in as much carbs which are loaded with dietary fiber and are consuming more proteins. This shouldn’t continue much more than a couple of days. Consuming lots of the suggested veggies and salads and increased daily water consumption will help. In the event you continue to have difficulties, use a fiber supplement to keep regular. Search for one with no added in sugar to enable you to stay inside your targeted carbohydrate range.


Wooziness or a light-headed sensation is another indication of the body adapting to your brand new eating routine. This is often accompanying a slight headache. Both these are a indication that you’re experiencing sugar and/or caffeine drawback and can end soon after you’ve experienced this diet for a few days. Another Atkins diet side effect.

Weight Loss Level

One particular frustrating Atkins Diet side effect is usually the weight loss stable state of little change. This can be a extended time period whenever losing weight appears to be halted, plus it usually occurs through the continuous weight loss stage of the diet plan. Weight reduction is most realized within the first couple of days and weeks being in the diet plan. Several people on a diet document shedding as much as 12 to 15 pounds within the initial two weeks. Once this decreases or even quits, those on a diet can simply end up discouraged. The diet plan shows that dieters once more decrease their own carbohydrate consumption and enhance their protein ingestion. A few individuals return to the original induction phase to kick start the diet once more.

Terrible Breath

Smelly breath might be due to the high protein quantities you’re eating. This really is simple to get rid of with regular brushing or munching on peppermint leaves or parsley. When you move into the actual phases past Induction, this will likely definitely diminish.

Leg Cramps

Leg cramps usually are unusual, however some individuals have claimed having them. This can be a indication that you’re briefly tight on a few important minerals such as magnesium or potassium. Any supplements that contain these types of minerals are going to eliminate the cramps ( the Atkins program suggests having a multi-vitamin as well as mineral supplement regardless to ensure that you remain healthy).

The reason behind this can include the decline in carbs in the diet plan. Due to the extreme decrease in carbohydrates, your body might turn to muscle rigidity and muscle jerks. When carbs are progressively re-introduced within the diet plan, the muscle cramping ought to diminish. Not enough fluid intake also can result in muscle cramps. Drinking lots of liquids may well lessen the results of agonizing cramping.

Withdrawal Signs or symptoms

Many people have withdrawal signs or symptoms since, based on Atkins concept, they’re hooked on sugars, wheat, caffeine as well as food items which swiftly transform glucose levels. Most of these withdrawal signs or symptoms may include weakness, lightheaded, heart palpitations, cold sweating and mild to severe headaches. Most of these generally go away inside of 3 days, and The Atkins diet recommends that you simply hang in there so you can get thru all of them. In case, having said that, Atkins diet side effects usually are serious, then you definitely need to pull away from your diet, it is really obvious it is not for you.


Headaches, another of the Atkins diet side effects, can often be a departure effect with abruptly eliminating caffeine, plus it should not go on for over 3 days. It is better to scale back on caffeine gradually before you start The Atkins diet, particularly if you usually drink over 3 cups of coffee or tea daily. Drink lots of liquids (2 to 3 liters daily), because lack of fluids may also lead to headaches.

Are there more negative factors?

Since many food items are not allowed, dieting could get boring which means that lots of people quit following for a brief time. It is as well, extremely difficult, that you follow the Atkins’s program if you are a vegetarian since nut products, seed products, legumes and lots of veggies are prohibited during the early phases. Many experts definitely think the Atkins program doesn’t educate individuals concerning the fundamental principles of a well balanced, nutritious diet, that science demonstrably proves will help keep us healthful and clear of disease.

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