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jim ellison A few years ago, I came across a product, SBI, that promised to be the all-in-one site-building, web hosting, and marketing solution for anyone who wants to build a popular and profitable online business. The product is called Site Build It!.

They claimed “You don’t need to know a thing about HTML, web site promotion, or search engine optimization… and you can still build a professionally-looking web site that drives 100’s, even 1,000’s of free visitors from Google, Yahoo!, MSN and other search engines.”

You are on the 2nd web site I ever built on a subject of my top interest- dieting. After building and had so much success with it. After a couple of years of playing with it I finally got serious about it and put my self into doing what they told me to do to be successful. I built this website and am really enjoying working from home.

The following links will take you to many different aspects of Site Build It (SBI). Everyone has different interests and as you will see SBI has something for everyone and believe me they are the top in their field. I could go on and on but seeing is believing. Good Luck to you and your future endeavors.

jim ellison

“Why build JUST a Web site…when you COULD build a Web BUSINESS?”

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Quick Tour Slide Show
A fast step-by-step demo of how SBI! works.

Go ahead… ask us a question. Put our phone/chat/e-mail SBI! Advisors to work for you.

Case Studies
Nothing gets a point across better than the personal, real-world story told by a flesh-and-blood human, one who is in the same boat as you. The case studies in this site are detailed recountings of individual experiences, each in their own words, in their own styles.

Google’s AdSense — A Revolution in Web Site Monetization
A Tailor-Made Way To Monetize Your SBI! Site!…Rarely will a custom-made solution be dropped into your lap (let alone from the Net’s smartest company), just begging you to capitalize. Ride Google AdSense for all its worth.

Search It!
Is the only ecommerce-related search tool that you (and your visitors, readers, friends and colleagues) will ever need.The gift that keeps on giving (i.e., searching), it has been designed to be used.Keep it open in the upper corner of their monitor, for 24 x 7 access and instant info-mining of the Web. Every search you could ever want, all in one spot.Advanced searches pre-packaged.Constantly being refreshed.most popular Search Categories are (in order)… Keyword Brainstorming (substantial lead) Keyword Research Keyword Competition Reference Library For Content

Affiliate Masters Course
It is FREE.

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